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And.... Action!

Hello and Welcome,

We are launching our campaign to gather supporters for the documentary this month, starting at the B.C. Trappers Association Convention in Fort St. John April 19-21, followed by the B.C. Wildlife Federation Convention April 24-27 in Richmond, B.C. Tobi is blogging at the BCWF convention, so check back here for interesting tidbits, or follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #BCWFAGM.

The biggest thing you can do to help this film gain traction is by signing up below or on our story homepage for email updates. The bigger the community who wants to see this film made, the stronger the case we can make to broadcasters for putting it on the air. So please spread the word about this film to everyone you know who is interested in wildlife, habitat, conservation or the future of Canadian energy - or trapping, angling and hunting! - and invite them to sign up for story updates. Much appreciated. 

Tobi Elliott, Producer/Director

Your support is vital to the making of this film. Join the community to get updates on the progress of Trapper of Peace River. Thank you!

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