Horse Co-op of Gabriola

In 2016, a community effort led by Tobi Elliott and Justine Pearson rescued two horses on Gabriola who were no longer able to be cared for.
GLOWING HONOUR, a 13 y/o sorrel Quarter Horse-Arab mare, and KIANA, a 20 y/o chestnut Morgan mare, are currently being rehabilitated and readied to play with people who long for connection, relationship and a journey in communication with a horse.

This is their story:

Honour really skinny.jpg

HONOUR - 2016

Honour (a.k.a. Squirt) is quite small (possibly due to insufficient nutrition when she was growing up), sensitive, very attached to Kiana, and quite submissive when we first took her on. She was dangerously skinny and lacking minerals, her toes were very long having never been trimmed, and she had huge trust issues. She had never had proper training or done any groundwork, but comes from strong bloodlines (by an Arab/Quarterhorse mare, AMBER GLOW, out of B.C. Champion Quarter Horse Cutting Horse stallion, SON OF HONOUR).

Honour in snow.jpg

Today, HONOUR is a beautiful, strong, super fiery and fast mare who is quick to connect, loves to do liberty, and eager to please. She is very bonded to Tobi Elliott and slowly learning to trust the other people in our crew. She can do circles (longe) at walk and trot, go and stop on a thought or energy phase and LOVES to be given a choice to come at liberty to a human who asks with respect. She is learning to be the lead horse that her personality, her dam and sire have given her, and she is a total delight to work with.

Honour playing at liberty with Tobi. Photo by Chris Straw.

Honour playing at liberty with Tobi. Photo by Chris Straw.

Kiana looking over shoulder early days.jpg

KIANA - 2016

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Kiana getting some scratches. Photo by Jeanette (Jet) Martin © Shutterjet.

Kiana getting some scratches. Photo by Jeanette (Jet) Martin © Shutterjet.

Today, Kiana is willing to learn, opening up slowly to reveal her fears and let us help her overcome them together. She loves scratches, rubs, food, affection and being with people, and is a favourite with all the kids AND adults.

Two horses early days Honour blanket.jpg

The Herd - 2016

Kiana and Honour needed a lot of care and feeding up before we could think about .

Two horses in snow by barn.jpg

Today, the herd is US: Kiana, Honour, Tobi, Endla, Dwight, Andrea, Katrina, Wendy and the occasional volunteer/knowledgeable horse-person.

We are so grateful for everyone's support and would LOVE to have you join us!


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