About Us

I go to the fringes for my stories: from Canada’s far North to the highlands of Brazil to profile individuals who sacrifice much for what they love and believe in. I pursue stories that reflect the qualities I most admire: honesty, courage and truth, with a healthy dose of awakened optimism.

Living by the ocean on Gabriola Island has given Tobi a new appreciation for British Columbia as a maritime province. BETWEEN WOOD AND WATER (est. release 2018), brings West Coast history to life as it follows the life and ultimate restoration of Canada’s oldest sailboat, Dorothy.

WILD HORSES / CAVALOS SELVAGENS (60 mins, 2016, Portuguese/English) follows a cross-cultural family in the making as a world-renowned natural horsewoman and her Canadian husband undertake the challenge to turn a wild group of orphan Brazilians into leaders – and sons. 

Tobi associate produced for GRANNY POWER (2014), a feature documentary about the Raging Granny movement (directed by Jocelyne Clarke and the late Magnus Isacsson) and GOODWIN'S WAY, about a BC town's resistance to a coal-powered future 100 years after the killing of controversial local labour activist Ginger Goodwin. She also worked as production coordinator in Nunavut for the Watchers of the North series for Picture This Productions. 

After graduating from Concordia University with a BA in Journalism in 2010, Tobi founded Blue Cyrus Media with Charlotte Gentis. Together they produced a short film Horses for Orphans - Brazil about a natural horsemanship program for troubled orphans in Brazil, which was broadcast on the cable channel RDF-TV in the U.S. in 2012. 

Tobi was selected as a Bell Media Fellow to attend the Banff Media Festival in June 2013.